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Feroze Sibdhanny
Feroze Johnny Sibdhanny is a junior at Holyoke High and it is his second year as a Herald member. Feroze is an honor student that has been enrolled in the Holyoke school district for 13 years. He graduated from E.N. White School in 2014 and was class president during his 8th grade year. Feroze is an active helper and supporter in the city of Holyoke. He also has an older brother named Faizul Sibdhanny who helps send him down the right path. He first found out about the Herald in his freshman year, and since then he’s been tagging along, helping the Herald staff by taking pictures during the 1st annual Melva Awards and working behind the scenes as well. The Herald advisor Mr. Courchesne has had Feroze as a student since freshmen year and continues to have him as a student this year teaching AP English. With the skills he learned, Feroze won the Jon Dougherty award during the 2nd annual Melva awards for his journalistic ability writing his article Back to School BBQ Kicks off New Year. Feroze is interested in business and hopes to become a successful businessman one day in life. Feroze is looking forward to this 2016-2017 school year and wishes the best to his peers!

Feroze Sibdhanny, Staff Reporter

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Telling Holyoke High's Story Since 1898