Holyoke Crowns Lauren Dulude as the 2019 Grand Colleen!


The results from the 2019 colleen contest are in, and Lauren Dulude is announced the 2019 Grand Colleen!

On Saturday, February 16th, the five young women who were previously chosen at the Colleen contest held last month, attended the coronation ball, each filled with the hopes of being crowned Grand Colleen. Brianna Minie, Summer Kaeppel, Caroline Sullivan, Lauren Dulude, and Meghan Goshea were escorted by their mother and fathers, filled with excitement.

In order for the dream of each girl to come true, the five finalists had to answer the question: What is one thing you have learned about yourself from being named one of the five finalists?

Each of the finalists answered the question to the very best of their abilities and were all excited to share how the contest made them realize how they could now have the confidence to do things in life. Having already been judged on poise, intelligence, personality, and appearance at the last competition, the judges were solely focused on how well the contestants answered the final question.

Although the night was very exciting and joyful, sadness was also present. The 2018 Grand Colleen Madelynne Kelleher shared a speech expressing her gratitude for her journey that made her family proud, and how much being a part of the Colleen Contest meant to her. In her speech she also explained what she learned and accomplished when she was in basic training for the Air Force.

“Relationships are what make us who we are and they will always be apart of us.” said Kelleher “I feel extremely blessed to have had this experience with the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade Committee and it has been such an honor being the Grand Colleen for 2018. Throughout this past year my court and I have become sisters and we share memories that I will always cherish.”

The coronation ball was a very nerve-racking day for the finalists and their families both this year and last, but by the end of the night, each family couldn’t be more proud of what their daughters had accomplished.

Grand Colleen Lauren and her court have a very busy year headed their way! Congratulations to all!