Juul Facing Big Lawsuits and Investigations

Ishani Morales, Staff Reporter

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Everyone one has heard of it, one of the highest and fastest growing e-cigarettes on the market: Juul. In 2018, Juul generated a whopping $1 billion in revenue. It was expected earlier this year to go and about triple that amount, but the billionaire founders now have to face Congressional investigations. Threats such as complete bans in countries have been made, tons of criticism from the Food and Drug Administration has been made public, and plenty of wide spread ads and infomercials are working to deter the progress of juul. Not only have e-cigarettes almost completely replaced regular cigarettes, they’ve also been marketing themselves as a “healthier and better alternative.”

Health concerns are a major question when it comes to Juul and vaping. The Central for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 1,300 cases of lung diseases and 26 deaths are consequences of vaping. Many cases have also been reported where young healthy teens and adults have become sick with lung illnesses, some so sick that they have fallen into medically induced comas. Concerned school districts and parents have filed lawsuits to get justice for the children and students in their communities, this vaping epidemic is horrible for the youth of our world.

Safer doesn’t mean safe. Yes it has been advertised that Juuling and vaping can be safer than smoking cigarettes but it is actually in no way, “safe”. There is still nicotine present in the Juul pods themselves and it is still highly addictive. This can result in horrible conditions such as brain disturbances, mood disorders, and lung issues. For the betterment of everyone’s health, spread the word and drop the Juul, nobody should be using these horrible devices.