The Hidden Tower

The Hidden Tower

Olivia Mazza, Herald Staff

     There is a tower that is hidden away behind a road cut off, through a forest with a dirt trail being the last thing you can follow to get you to the tower, decrepit and decayed, littered with needles and abandoned with graffiti its stowed away, a husk of its former glory, Scotts Tower. 

     What had ever happened to the tower and what was its original purpose? 

     The tower doesn’t seem to have much publicly stated about it. From what I could find it was first opened in 1923 as a small attraction with a park around its borders, some say it was used during wars as a watch out point for planes and to survey the area. 

     The last known activity that has been reported around the tower was the death of a man but yet had never had a follow up report and barely any news covering the topic as if it was swept under the rug. 


     I think that’s very weird as well as how not many people know of this occurring. 

     The peak of Scotts Tower allows you to see the vast parts of Holyoke’s forest from all surrounding areas. That is if you’re able to get up the jagged winding stairs and have the courage to not think of the tower’s possibly poor foundation or structural integrity. 

     Speaking of the awful integrity of the tower there was actually a survey created speaking about this tower and how an individual wishes to return it to its former glory: 


     I’m sure many residents of Holyoke as well as neighboring cities have slowly watched the tower fade and would like to see its restoration happen. I don’t think people would want yet another area of our city to go to waste, referring to the slowly forgotten and decaying Mt.Tom amusement park which had been closed down and torn down due to a lack of business and fires. 


     Hopefully the community and restoration committees will be willing to shine a light on a project that could bring more of a community together as well as keep parts of Holyoke’s history not forgotten.