Mental Health Awareness


Alexa Moran, Social Media Manager/YouTube Editor

Teen Vogue recently published an article which discussed breaking the stigma of mental health. This is a very sensitive topic in the world. People are very small minded when it comes to speaking about mental health. One of the major reasons behind this ideology is that they do not understand it themselves. When people publicize their feelings, they are viewed as crazy or delusional. I believe that mental health does not define you as an individual. It is a common struggle. 

Many people might be afraid to speak about their struggles because of shame or embarrassment. It is truly sad that we don’t use our platforms to spread awareness. We could be helping so many individuals who are looking for encouragement to get through another day. Our generation needs to break out of these stereotypes and ideals. We and others should be educated on how to help others because it should be a community. 

About 70% of teenagers suffer from either depression or anxiety. They hide from it and become ashamed because of the possible opinions of others. There are many people who are going through silent battles but are too afraid to ask for help. Mental Health is so important and needs to be addressed more often. So many people go through it and if we come together, it will make those affected feel less alone. 

A new podcast series called “In Our Minds” by two teenagers from Teen Vogue opens up the table about what Mental Health looks like from a young person’s perspective. This is the first of many steps to spread knowledge upon this issue. Coming from a young person’s perspective, it could help those of a similar age group relate more. Being in similar age groups and going through similar experiences could be an outlet for those who are going through difficult times. They can rely on this podcast to gain some insight. 

If you are looking for more information and depth about the article and podcast, click on the link below. Let’s work together to break the stigma and become one to support those in need.


Teen Vogue Article and Podcast: