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HHS Art Students Partake In “Memory Project”

Students in Mrs. Henshaw's Art 3 class have recently participated in the "Memory Project" to help bring positivity to children in need.

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Mrs. Henshaw is a art teacher at Holyoke high, she has been part of a group called The Memory Project for about 6 years. In recent years she has just been asking portfolio students to be part of this project voluntarily. This year she decided to have  a class of Art 3 students take part in the amazing project. The class is only filled with 6 students: Sierra Bacchus, Marcus Collazo, Marc Hernandez Ayala, Ashley Laporte Walter, Juan Reyes, Lizmarie Rivera.

For some of you that don’t know what the Memory Project is, it  chooses orphans or children in dire situations from the countries of Syria and the Philippines and you research their way of life. This year the students were given children from the Philippines to do their project for. The finished project is a drawing of the child by the student and then a letter from the student to the child.

With the help of Mrs. Stein, the students were able to research their culture, food, schooling, and industry. The students at Holyoke High then wrote letters to the children in the Philippines telling them that they were doing this for them, and how great of an experience they had doing it. Each student got a photo of the child and drew that photo onto their project.

“Each student worked really hard and each of them really did an excellent job getting a likeness of the child.” Said Mrs Henshaw .

The finished projects were mailed to the Memory Project base in Wisconsin to be delivered to the children around Christmas. After the projects are given to the children, Mrs. Henshaw and her six art 3 students will get a video of the reactions of the children. Mrs. Henshaw hopes to continue this amazing project with her future art students.

If you’d like to create a Memory Project for a child, the cost is $15.00 and the information can be found by following the link below:,1,axQp0udr0kO6AFuFvc4JIO4YgLL-LCkEDoCgLQHv2y2g_mhmDcnCLnBOtW8_V06rUw07psvSJxW4x3tkTCK9l-dwWmak3eFluyzfTvCQ5G1T1I0,&typo=1

Check out the video of the kids who received the HHS memory projects:

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HHS Art Students Partake In “Memory Project”