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Voting Through An 18 Year Old's Perspective

Voting Through An 18 Year Old’s Perspective

Siannah Santos, Editor in Chief November 12, 2020

When I turned 18 a little over a month ago, I was most excited not for the new found freedom I received, but rather the fact that I was going to be able to vote in one of the most important elections of...

October 2016

October 2016

Sara Morin, Editor-in-Chief October 30, 2016
A note from the Herald's Editor-in-Chief, Sara Morin.
The elective will serve as a gateway for students to join our staff!

Adviser’s Note

Joe Courchesne, Faculty Adviser June 8, 2016
The Herald signs off for the summer - see you next fall!
Melanie Kos, Signing Off

Melanie Kos, Signing Off

Melanie Kos, Editor-in-Chief '16 May 24, 2016

Well, this is it. The past four years of high school have seemingly flew by, and here I write, a senior about to graduate. When I first came to Holyoke High in the fall of 2012, four years felt like a...

March 2016

March 2016

Melanie Kos, Editor-in-Chief '16 March 3, 2016

Hey y'all, happy March! The Herald is eagerly counting down the days to St. Patrick's Day, and we have some great articles about what is perhaps Holyoke's greatest weekend in the works. Be sure to...

February 2016

February 2016

Melanie Kos, Editor-in-Chief '16 February 2, 2016

Happy February! Midterms have passed, and half of the school year is officially over. Lots has happened since the new year, though snow is definitely not one of those things. Your favorite editor-in-chief...

December 2015

December 2015

Melanie Kos, Editor-in-Chief '16 December 1, 2015

Hello all, Happy December! The Herald is in full holiday mode, with all the seasonal tunes blaring since coming back from Thanksgiving break. It is hard to believe that the end of 2015 nears, as does...

Herald staffers visit The Harvard Crimson in 2015 (photo credit: Nick Elkins)

November 2015

Melanie Kos, Editor-in-Chief '16 November 2, 2015

Hello all, Happy November! Things are starting to get in full swing here at The Herald, and we have plenty to report on and more to come. Read about the new things happening- from new homerooms...

October 2015

October 2015

Melanie Kos, Editor-in-Chief October 5, 2015

Hello all, Happy October! As a new school year comes, so do new pieces from your favorite Holyoke High news source. The Herald is back and we are looking to be better than ever. The editor’s note...

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