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Spotlight On: Mrs. McKenna

Spotlight On: Mrs. McKenna
Brandon McKenna, Staff Reporter February 10, 2019
Throughout her busy days of going to meetings and observing teachers, she still manages to have a presence in the school. Mrs. McKenna always seems to be able to get across to the students and keep many good relationships with them.

Spotlight On: Coach Joe Dutsar

Photograph by community partner Kevin Berrien
Finn Lubold, Sports Editor January 29, 2019
For Holyoke Football Coach Joe Dutsar “purple pride" is not just a hashtag, it’s a way of life.

Spotlight On: Mr. Courchesne

Spotlight On: Mr. Courchesne
Dathan Badillo, Staff Reporter December 14, 2018
Mr. Courchesne is a very interesting person. Being a very open-minded, humorous, and compassionate 10th and 11th grade English teacher, Mr. Courchesne is a person you wouldn’t be disappointed in working with.

Spotlight On: The Business Club

Lauren Ryan, Finance Manager December 11, 2018
The Business club is the biggest club at Holyoke High, having about 50 members.

Spotlight On: Firefighter Maria Pelcher

Spotlight On: Firefighter Maria Pelcher
Kiana Gonzalez, Staff Reporter December 11, 2018
On Tuesday, November 20 2018 Holyoke High students had an event where people with different careers came in and spoke about what they do and how what they do benefits the community. This event was called the Reverse Job Shadow.

Spotlight On: Our Nutrition Technicians

Spotlight On: Our Nutrition Technicians
Raymond Lora Pena, Jeremiah Gomez, Nathan Cruz, and Simon Surrette '19, Staff Reports October 10, 2018
When it comes to the Holyoke High cafeteria, students may have mixed opinions. However, what we can’t deny is that the staff of our cafeteria, better known as the nutrition technicians, work hard all day long to provide us with breakfast and lunch.

Spotlight On: Mr. Feinberg

Spotlight On: Mr. Feinberg
Dante Angelini, Staff Reporter September 21, 2018
Holyoke High School has always been blessed to have the most dedicated and the most loved teachers, but there is one amazing teacher who has been well-known throughout his many years of teaching, and his name is Mr. Feinberg.

Spotlight On: Jill Reardon

Mrs. Jill Reardon
Miranda McKenna, Staff Reporter '18 March 23, 2018
Miranda McKenna profiles HHS business teacher Mrs. Jill Reardon.

Spotlight On: Dana Brown

Mr. Brown begins his duties as Holyoke High principal. (photo credit: Bella Courchesne)
Feroze Sibdhanny, Staff Reporter '18 September 26, 2017
Interim principal Mr. Dana Brown joins the staff with the goal to help students and staff have a great year.

Spotlight On: Mr. Cotto

Mr. Cotto surprised by his award!
Emily McGuinness, Editor-in-Chief March 28, 2017
Holyoke High Science Teacher Mike Cotto wins the Grinspoon Award!

Spotlight On: The Athletics Department

(From left to right) Mrs. Brassil, Melanie Martin, and Kevin Auffery. (Photo credits to Brendan Leahy and Liza Keane)
Lauren Ryan, Staff Reporter '19 March 16, 2017
The three individuals behind The Purple Knights: Melanie Martin, Sabrina Brassil, and Kevin Auffery!

Spotlight On: James “Pirate” Sullivan

Spotlight On: James
Megan McGuinness, Staff Reporter '19 November 10, 2016
If you are a student at Holyoke High School, you are almost guaranteed to know the teacher in "the hidden classroom" of 305, Mr. James Sullivan, also known as "Pirate."
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