Spotlight On: Mrs. McKenna


Lori McKenna, a lady of many different qualities, is a Vice Principal at Holyoke High North Campus. She began her career in retail at Filene’s Basement at the Holyoke Mall, soon to then become an English teacher at Dean Technical High School. After many years of teaching at Dean, she decided to transfer and teach at Holyoke High School. At the time, not knowing she would become a Vice Principal in the near future.

Throughout her busy days of going to meetings and observing teachers, she still manages to have a presence in the school. Mrs. McKenna always seems to be able to get across to the students and keep many good relationships with them. While she may be a very strict and “by the rules” person, she is able to do maintain structure without the kids giving her too much of a problem. There are many other people that have a position like hers, but not everyone seems to have the same effect that Mrs. McKenna has when getting across to the students of the campus.

As she does have many good relationships with kids, she does the same with the teaching staff as well. She has many friends within the departments, and teachers are always willing to take her advice as she was once a teacher. She has many good ideas that she is willing to give the new teachers and maybe even older teachers if they are having trouble in their classrooms.

Mrs. McKenna is a person many people can learn new and exciting things from. She will be there for you when you are in a time of need. People can trust her with whatever they need, and she will never disclose anyone’s private information. She is a great Vice Principal who always knows what is right and what is wrong. Mrs. McKenna is always ready for a challenge and ready to support the people who depend on her.