Spotlight On: Our Nutrition Technicians


When it comes to the Holyoke High cafeteria, students may have mixed opinions. However, what we can’t deny is that the staff of our cafeteria, better known as the nutrition technicians, work hard all day long to provide us with breakfast and lunch.

Last Thursday, we went to interview Kathleen Renaud, who is the manager of the cafeteria. Kathleen provided us with a modest tour of the school’s cafeteria. We were able to see how the crew was preparing the food for lunch. “We usually get here at 6:30 a.m. to start making breakfast and lunch,” Kathleen said.

During the tour, we asked the manager about her dedication to the school, and what she thinks about the cafeteria. “The cafeteria is in decent shape,” she said, “the custodians do a good job with the spills.” Kathleen Renaud has been working at Holyoke High School since 2010, but she has been in the system since 1999. She asked us what we think about the school cafeteria.

We sought out to get a couple students’ opinions on the topic. One sophomore, Kiara Lopez, said, “they should have more variety when it comes to the food.” Another student, a senior, said, “the lunches aren’t the best, but the broccoli bread bowls are slamming.”

As mentioned, there are a wide variety of opinions when it comes to the school cafeteria, but when it comes to devotion, no one goes above and beyond like our nutrition technicians.