Spotlight On: Jill Reardon

Miranda McKenna profiles HHS business teacher Mrs. Jill Reardon.


Mrs. Jill Reardon

Mrs. Reardon, a dedicated business teacher who has been at Holyoke High for thirteen years, has shown a commitment to her school and a positive attitude toward her peers. She teaches classes on computers and business such as Adobe Illustrator, Mobile CSP (app course), Sports Management I & II and Microsoft Office and has taught many more over the years since she has been here.

After her first year of teaching, she took up an after school club for students known as the Holyoke High Business Club which she has run for twelve years. The club has been involved in the community and has helped raise money for events that go on inside and outside of the school.  The club is an opportunity for people to learn business skills, how to sell items, and how to get involved in the community. The business club is currently the biggest club in Holyoke High, consisting  of 50+ people.

Every year they go on a annual field trip to see how a business works in the real world. Last year, the club went to businesses all around Holyoke, one those places being Gary Rome Hyundai, where they  got an inside look at what it’s like to run a car dealership.

“As a club we work together well to raise money towards fundraisers so that we can better our school,” said club member Julia Pluta ‘19. The business club has a current community service project going on, where they are giving away free prom dresses to anyone who may need a dress for the upcoming Senior Prom.

Sadly, Mrs. Reardon received the news this year that one of her most popular classes, Sports Management, may not be returning for next year.

“The experience the students acquire from taking the sport management courses goes beyond the walls of the conventional classroom,” said Reardon. “Students have the opportunity to participate in an internship that brings the school community together with local businesses.”

Students in Sports Management also learn about budgeting, marketing, managing, debating, writing and presentation skills. Mrs. Reardon believes this is a valuable skill set to have for when students go on to college or work.

Sports Management I is a class in which students learn the concepts of how to manage the sports industry. Students who partake in this class even have an opportunity to have a internship with Melanie Martin, the head director of sports for Holyoke High and Dean Tech, where they must go through an actual interview process and can be paid.

The Shine A Light For Autism dodge-ball tournament, put on by students in Sports Management, was a fun event for a great cause.

Sports Management II is the second level class where students apply all the material they learned in Sports Management 1, and then put on an actual event themselves. Through planning this event, students learn how to get sponsors, work within a budget, and market the event. This year, the class put on a “Shine A Light For Autism” dodgeball tournament, with the proceeds being donated to charity. The event is run entirely by the students, including concessions, an MC, officials, and  they conduct the rules and promotion on their own.  

“Sports Management I & II probably were the best classes I’ve taken,” said Emelymary Almonte ‘18. “It made me realize that I wanted to do something with business in the future”

Outside of school, Mrs. Reardon likes to go for walks, hike, watch her daughter play basketball at her college, and then relax in her hot tub with a good book. She also runs her own computer business, where she fixes computers for people in the community. Mrs. Reardon is a teacher who is very involved in our school and every event that may go on. She is a professional who always tries to make the best of things.