The 2023 Yearbook has officially been sent to the publishers!

The 2023 Yearbook has officially been sent to the publishers!

Patrick Sweeney, Editor-in-Chief

The 2023 Yearbook has officially been submitted to Jostens Publishing. The Yearbook team worked extremely hard throughout the year to create the best final product. On Thursday, May 4th, Yearbook Editors and Adviser Antonio Quinones-Albino sat down with Mrs. Gonzalez for the final approval process. 

At precisely 8AM, Patrick Sweeney, Angelina De Leon, Ciani Rodriguez and Mr. Quinones met in room 207 with Mrs. Gonzalez to look through the yearbook for a final review. This annual process occurs each year, where all yearbook pages are analyzed as a team. They need to be given the green light by Mrs. Gonzalez before the yearbook team can send them to Jostens (publishers). 

Overall, the approval process went quite smoothly. Our Vice Principal, Mrs. Gonzalez, provided positive feedback on the yearbook pages, acknowledging the bright colors and smooth layout of the pages. After a few minor tweaks, the yearbook was ready for submission!

Mrs. Gonzalez was extremely pleased with the yearbook itself, noting that the “team captured the beautiful moments of this academic year and celebrated our students.” In addition she noted the “vibrant colors” throughout the book, adding that she enjoyed “reading the student messages and captions (such as Senior quotes).” 

Once Mrs. Gonzalez concluded the meeting, the yearbook team then moved on to the physical submission process. Each page needed to be submitted manually from the Jostens Yearbook Avenue site. The Editor-in-Chief, Patrick Sweeney, worked with Mr. Quinones to do a quick final editing of each page, checking for things like page numbers and image clarity. 

After final editing took place, each individual page was submitted. The yearbook team is happy to announce that all 172 pages have officially been sent to the publishers. The event with Mrs. Gonzalez was a wonderful way to conclude a year of hard work for all those involved in the yearbook process, from creating pages and layouts to taking pictures of events around the school. 

At this time, Seniors and faculty members had until the end of the day on May 4th to order yearbooks. As of May 4th, approximately 107 books were sold, with sales continuing to increase. An email was sent to all HHS staff members reminding them of the opportunity to buy books. Additionally, staff members now have the opportunity to sponsor the cost of a book for Seniors who have not already purchased one. 

The yearbook advisor, Mr. Quinones,  expressed excitement about the total number of yearbook sales, saying that he is “really happy about the number of books sold.” At the beginning of the school year, his goal was to sell 125 books. Today, he is very pleased about the achievement, saying that with a lot of hard work, “we got there.” 

Mr. Quinones also would like to give a shout out to the “19 books sold by teachers,” saying that they helped “get us to our goal.”

Seniors will be able to pick up their 2023 Yearbooks in mid-June after graduation. An email will be sent to all Seniors when the yearbook arrives and will provide them with pickup instructions. In the past, the front office held the books until Seniors picked them up. So, everyone should keep their eyes peeled for announcements after graduation related to this topic.

Mrs. Gonzalez had a final word for Seniors as they prepare to complete their high school journey. She wished them luck, adding that she hopes they “will take the time to explore this diverse world of great opportunities.” Gonzalez also said that she would love to work with “some of [the] students in the future in some capacity.”

Finally, “There is room for all of us at the table and I would be honored to save you a seat,” Gonzalez said, ending on a hopeful note and wishing the Seniors luck as they officially become graduates of Holyoke High School on June 4th.