Spotlight On: The Drama Club

Our November Spotlight shines on a group that is used to the attention: The Holyoke High School Drama Club!


Ana Diaz Moore, Staff Reporter '16

Annual Production

On November 14th and 15th Holyoke High School’s drama club will be brought back to life – pun intended – as they hit the stage for their annual production! Ticket prices for the discounted November 14th show which begins at 4:30pm, are $3 for students and $5 for general admission, while November 15th show begins at 7:30pm and tickets are $5 for students and $8 for general admission.

All About Zombies

The club, which meets Monday-Friday with help from their advisor Ms. Sweeney, is looking forward to putting on a thrilling performance, including three one act comedies all revolving around zombies! The one act plays “Just Add Zombies,” “All I Need to Know I Learned From Being A Zombie,” and “10 Ways To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” provide a comedic tone and continue the Halloween spirit for a few more weeks after the holiday passes. The actors, who will be decked out in full zombie makeup and attire, are eager to perform and have spent the past month memorizing lines and attending rehearsals.

Madison Chouinard practices her lines.
Drama Club member Madison Chouinard practices her lines.

A Close Knit Group

Students from all grades are encouraged to be part of the production and join the club, which makes the cast a melting pot full of people of different ages and backgrounds. Senior Madysen Lawrence says, “It’s so awesome being with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, drama is like my second family now.” The cast works closely everyday after school and the students are able to learn the value of committing themselves to work toward a goal.

Putting The Drama Back in HHS

Holyoke High School had been without a Drama Club for a number of years. Three years ago, a group of students approached English teacher Ms. Sweeney about taking on the role of faculty advisor and re-starting the club. “I felt inspired by their excitement,” Ms. Sweeney recalls. “I also felt it was important to give these students a space and a public outlet for their production. All they needed was an advisor and I was happy to play that role.” Since that first group of eight, the club has grown to over forty. The club is entirely self funded and is always appreciate of gracious donations.

The HHS Drama Club is where friendships are made.
The HHS Drama Club is where friendships are made.

Looking Forward To A Great Show

In the three years since the club was first started, they have put on a production every spring and have gained attention by many students in the building. Ms. Sweeney is extremely excited for this year’s production. “These one-acts are excellent, and the kids really bring them to life,” says Sweeney. “Whoever comes to the show is in for a treat.” The drama club encourages everyone to come out and see the show, you will be laughing to death!


Come see the show November 14 and November 15!