Saying So Long to the Latin Legend


Now former Holyoke High School Latin teacher, Mr. Moro.

This past week, we said goodbye to a great man, a great role model, and an amazing Latin teacher. Mr. Moro has been teaching Latin at Holyoke High for 14 years and has changed so many students’ lives. At the ending of this year, he has decided to move on to Athol High School in hopes to further his Latin career.

Mr. Moro was loved by many here, and he will be greatly missed. Room 309 was Moro’s home for 13 years at Holyoke High, and that room was the site of hundreds of “quid agis,’“ countless Latin present ending songs, many Latin mythology stories, and thousands of Mrs. Moro’s chocolate chip cookies.

“Mr. Moro was one of the most engaging, fair, and exciting teachers I’ve ever had,” recent graduate of the class of 2018, Marty Keane, says. “He brought a rare enthusiasm to teaching every single day. His quick wit and kind soul always made him connect with students unlike many teachers could. His presence will be missed by generations of HHS graduates.”

Mr. Moro will be remembered by many Holyoke High students, those currently enrolled as well as alumni. Meghan Ryan, alumni of the class of 2013, still remembers Mr. Moro saying “Gotta eat those Scooby snacks!” whenever she would take out food in class.

Mr. Moro is a kind person and has impacted thousands of students lives for the better. “Moro was truly one of the best things to ever happen to Holyoke High School! He was one of my favorite teachers and made learning Latin really fun!” says Herald staffer, Megan McGuiness ‘19. “He truly cared about his students and wanted them to succeed. He will be missed by all of Holyoke High.”

Mr. Moro will truly be missed at Holyoke High, and the Latin teacher taking his place will have very large shoes to fill. Holyoke High will never be the same with out him. We will all miss him dearly and wish him luck on his future endeavors.