If You’re Feeling Like This, Listen to This…


“The Good Side” by Troye Sivan initiates with an electronic harp-sound synth/sound effect, before rhythm acoustic guitar shifts to a more intimate backdrop. That initial electronic palette recurs throughout portions of “The Good Side.” Sivan sounds refined and thoughtful upon entrance. His vocals are naturally beautiful, and amplified even more thanks to excellent vocal production.  Lyrically, he’s honest and open minded. The song is about an apology to his ex. He said during an interview with Genius “This song’s a little rough,” he said. “It’s basically about a breakup that I went through a while ago. You know, in a breakup, I think just the sheer nature of it, is that someone is going to get it rough. And I happened to be on the good side of things — I got to go on tour, I got to go and see the world, I had this very therapeutic experience of singing songs about that breakup and watching people sing them back to me, and I met someone new fairly soon afterwards.” He continued, “It’s sort of a letter to that person to express apologies and sympathy and if I could change this at all, I would’ve. So I’m hoping that this song, a couple years down the line, is going to serve as a cathartic experience for the both of us to be like, ‘look, this is the way that things happened and whenever we’re ready to move on, let’s do that.’”

I recommend to listen to this song when it’s raining or late at night. The song is beautiful production wise and lyrically.