Is It Written in the Stars?

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Is It Written in the Stars?

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  • Aries: Chill out! You’ve been dealing with an intense stress all September, and now it’s time for you to uncoil and relax. The issue will still be there tomorrow, but just breathe for the moment.
    • Song: “High Hopes” by Panic! At the Disco


  • Taurus: Get out into your community more, Taurus. As an earth sign, you are seldom to leave your home and routine. But if you simply step outside for a moment, you’ll find the answer to a roadblock you’ve been running at for days now.
    • Song: “Drew Barrymore” by Bryce Vine


  • Gemini: You’re at odds with a couple people in your life over your idea on your relationship. Everyone around you is being condescending about your “floaty” attitude and trying to bring you back down. But don’t listen to them. In the end it’s your own life, and who are they to tell you how to live it?
    • “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish


  • Cancer: Friendships don’t happen overnight, so trying to force them will just end poorly. You are a good person, but if you continue to thrust your negativity for the sake of companionship, you will be seen as the opposite.
    • “Talia” by King Princess
  • Leo: Time to hunker down, Leo! Over the next week you’ll be faced with many mental and emotional challenges, but if you focus on your own health and happiness, you’ll come out a stronger version of yourself; so chin-up!
    • Song: “Everything Stays” by Rebecca Sugar
  • Virgo: It’s hard to admit that you’re wrong, Virgo, and now it’s come to the point of impacting a relationship you hold dear. Reflect inwards; is this truly the hill you want to die on? Is the loss of this relationship worth it?
    • Song: “Give Yourself a Try” by The 1975
  • Libra: Its time for you to take a stand. You’ve been wronged by something in your life, and now you need to fight for what’s right. You’re strong, Libra. Now, it’s time to prove it.
    • Song: “Cold War” by Janelle Monae
  • Scorpio: Missing something? Having trouble remembering important events? Your brain has recently fogged over due to how much you’ve overworked yourself. Take a moment and just breathe. You deserve a night off to clear the fog.
    • Song: “Nikki” by Logic
  • Sagittarius: Who do you really trust? Think closely on this. You can feel the tides of circumstance chanting, and soon, you’re going to have to choose who to cling onto when the goings get tough.
    • “Lifeboat” by The Heathers Off-Broadway Cast


  • Capricorn: Things are turning up daisies for you! Your hard work this past month has really paid off and for that you should be proud, keep up the hard work though. This is no time to be slacking.
    • Song: “Mt. Saint Helens is About to Blow Up” by Bill Wurtz
  • Aquarius: How are you really feeling? You know the answer to this; but the people around you do not. Your friends and family are not mind readers and you need to actually bring your thoughts out into the world before the world can give value and praise to them.
    • Song: “Death of Me” by VERITE


  • Pisces: People have the wrong impression of you: ditzy, aloof, and disloyal. We simply know that’s not true. You need to show off your incredible talents to the world to prove to everyone that you are as incredible as you are.
    • Song: “Wild Heart” by the Bleachers


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