Places to Go in Holyoke


Have you ever gotten bored of your routine? Do you find Holyoke too dull and boring? Well, I will show you three things to do after school.

I have been here, in Holyoke, for two years now, and the first thing I asked myself on my first day after school was, “Where I do go for fun?” I didn’t have any friends at the time. However, I remember that I made my first friend at the library.  Speaking of the library, that is the first place I recommend if you want to hang out in a chill place. “Each day is different. It can be a chill place, but it also gets noisy sometimes,” says Rachel Dowd, the Holyoke Public Library’s teen librarian. The library offers a teen-only place where people can go every time they visit. The library has computers to use, books to read, and board games to play as well as other activities every day.

The second thing is a walk. This is the simplest thing to do, although it can be tiring. If you’re at home and you don’t have any idea of what to do, it’s good to walk around and distract yourself. For example, when I am feeling stressed or just bored, I like to walk to Chicopee or South Hadley and visualize Holyoke landscapes from another perspective. It’s a good experience.

Continuing with the suggestions, the next thing is going to the mall.

You could go by yourself or invite a friend. With only 20 dollars, you can go to places like All in Adventure which consists of being put in a maze and you have to find clues to find the exit.

In conclusion, Holyoke may feel monotonous, but there are many things to do in our surroundings. From the parks to the mall, it’s worth it visit all of these and give them a try.