Recap of the Senior Cross Campus Cookout


The first-ever senior cookout that occurred on October 24, was set up by cross-campus Culture Team. This team consists of students and faculty, with representation from both Dean and North Campuses.

Junior student athletes from soccer, football, madrigal, and volleyball set up all of the activities at the event. There were field day games such as a 3-legged race, cornhole, with boards made by the Dean Campus Carpentry Department, and a space for students to design their own shirts. The football team set up a game called quarterback challenge, which ultimately turned into a football game between basketball and football players. The soccer players set up a “pk challenge” where they set up cones for participants to shoot the ball from a specific spot and try to make it in the net while there was a goalie present.

The event had to move inside because it was very rainy and windy, but this did not stop the fun. Inside, there was a volleyball game open to anyone who wanted to play, and it was tons of fun. There was then a break where a couple games of tug of war occurred, and, sad to say, the staff beat the seniors in the final match. To end the whole event, there was a senior picture to capture the memory and fun time that was had at this cross campus cookout.

Mrs. Mckenna, who is one of the leads on the event as well as a Vice Principal at Holyoke High School North Campus said, “It was an awesome event. I am so proud of the juniors for their leadership that they showed. I am also very proud of the seniors for coming together and having a great time. I can’t wait for our next event.”

Based on the experience of both the juniors and seniors, we hope the event will continue in the years to come.