Boys Varsity Basketball Season Preview


Boy’s Basketball 2018 Senior Night

The basketball season for Holyoke High is just starting to get underway as the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams have just began practicing.

Long-time coach of the varsity team, Bill Rigali, made it clear on the first day of practice that the team will have to work very hard to make playoffs. To make playoffs, the team will need ten wins within the season. Rigali also said this will be the only time he talks about playoffs. The rest of his focus will be what the team needs to work on and give more attention to in order to succeed this season. Throughout the season, coach Rigali will make sure the team is in the best possible condition.

This year’s varsity team consists of three sophomores, four juniors, and five seniors. This team is very capable of succeeding and winning many games if they work together to take the “harder” teams down, with the hope of making it to playoffs and possibly winning the championship.

Alethyan Nunez ‘20, member of the varsity team, stated, “I’m really excited to see how this season is going to go. We all need to work hard and together until the end of the season. We have a great group of guys who really care about this sport and I think it’s gonna be a pretty good season.”

On Friday November 30, the team had their first chance to prove themselves in a scrimmage against Easthampton High. With little practice, it was hard to completely prove themselves, but they did their best on that court. Ultimately, Holyoke came out of it with the win, and the program hopes it is a good sign for the rest of the season.

Returning senior, Jacob Santos, made a brief statement about how he thinks the season will go. “Execution and preparation are extremely important for the team this year. If we come in with the same mindset, and are all willing to sacrifice for the greater good of the team, we should have a successful season,” said Santos.

Overall, the players are really excited for the season. Both returning players and new players are determined to make it the best season yet.