Pep Rally Recap: The Good, Middle, and Bad

One of the most anticipated school events took place a few weeks ago. The Pep Rally is one of those times when the whole school reunites to revive the school spirit. Every year varies from the others. However, it is always a good experience. This time, I will discuss the good, middle, and bad.
Starting up with the good side of the Pep Rally is the ovation competition. It is a huge aspect of school spirit every year. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it more than the past years. The ovation starts with the freshman being too loud, then the juniors overlap them. In the end, the seniors settle at the top. The event goes on. At the end, the tug of war stole the show by a surprising win of the sophomores over the other classes – although they still couldn’t beat the staff member team.
Continuing, these are the things that weren’t the best of the event. However, they still have the merit of being mentioned. The staff vs. student football game was entertaining. However, there were times when you didn’t know what was going on. Jumping up to later, the King and Queen spirit court was also a nice moment. We saw how Dante Angelini got a standing ovation.
The Bad:
The Pep Rally was nice this year however there are always flaws in this kind of event. Starting with the DJ, the music wasn’t the strongest point this year. There were not a lot of reactions from the crowd, except when music like “In My Feelings” by Drake came on – that created a huge reaction.
Next on the list is the 3 point contest. It looks good on paper, but it was poorly executed. I was expecting more about it like an NBA style three point contest. I expected a 5 rack around the basket and a timer, but instead it was two people shooting at the same time, not even through the 3-point arc. It might look better if there was a good narration about what was going on. They didn’t tell us the rules either, so we didn’t have an idea what to expect.
As an Honorable Mention: Mr. Basette’s dance moves. The senior crowd cheered him up to go to the middle of the court and join the dance-off, leaving us with a funny moment. The outcome of the pep rally was really good and I enjoyed it, although I missed some stuff like the basketball game between student and staff that will happen later in the year. Other than that, it was a satisfying event.