Is It Written in the Stars?


Aries: New beginnings don’t just start on January 1st. They most often come at the most random moments, and you are about to receive that new beginning urge at the MOST random moment. Take it though, Aries, because you won’t forget it.

Taurus: My advice is simple and blunt: bring consistency back into your life. As of late, you feel as if your home has been rocked to it’s foundation and you have no holds, but you do as long as you try your hardest to remain consistent.

Gemini: You find yourself in a rare moment where you are not at a crossroads. There’s no huge decision to be made and no relative options for you to fall back on. The safety and claustrophobia from this might be suffocating you but do know that this tunnel will lead you to great things.

Cancer: Your “wet blanket” personality might be getting in the way in your friendships without you even realizing it, taking a toll on them and even you. Take a moment to re-evaluate your relationships with your friends. Are they truly helping you AND themselves?

Leo: You’re currently having a disconnect with reality, Leo. Your involvement with drama, whether willingly or not, has caused you to lose sight of what really matters, which are your OWN goals. Try to keep this in mind this week.

Virgo: Detox teas that aim to purge all the “toxins” out of your body for the sake of fitness is by it’s very nature destructive (I think we’ve all seen Jameela Jamil’s tweet). So why should you treat your heart the same? When you have a spat with someone, don’t be so eager to flush them out. Instead, take a moment to recognize your relationship and really weigh the options.

Libra: They say that love is one part feelings, and nine parts work. You know this, Libra. You’ve done your nine parts work, and now its time to bask in those feelings.

Scorpio: Your bond with your closest friend is one that you think can never sever. How could it? You’ve been through thick and thin together; years of hard work have made that bond stronger than steel. However, if you neglect it, that strength will deteriorate no matter how long it’s been there. Be careful.

Sagittarius: “No guts, no glory” should’ve been your catchphrase this month with the amount of luck and gambling on events you did. But it all paid off! Everything for the moment is butterflies and rainbows, but that doesn’t mean that it will stay like this for forever. Instead, it’d be wise to play it safer for the time being because luck always runs out at one point.

Capricorn: You crave authority because you know in your heart that you want to change the way things are run around here, but there are other ways to create a positive impact besides waiting to get to the top. Start small and quick, and soon enough you’ll make the change you want to see in the world.

Pisces: Art is a projection of passion, but at the moment your art that you create lacks it. Instead of draining yourself at the sake of creating emotionless art, take a step back and try to regain a passion. Perhaps a hobby like knitting?