How Important are Teachers to Students?


In average we spend 12 years molding our education according to what teachers and professors do and say. For example, in kindergarten, they teach us how to talk and interact with our classmate. Don’t fight, be polite, and always share with your peers. It is like they shape our social skills and the pattern goes on until the last day of our senior year of high school or college, depending on the path one decides to take.

Students may get annoyed by the teachers repeating the same stuff every day. However, what we can’t deny is that they speak with the voice of experience. I couldn’t realize in the moment, or ten years into the future, but theirs words would mark me for life. For example, there was a teacher in back in eighth grade when I lived in Philadelphia. Her name was Kimberly Walker. I was new to the United States. I didn’t know any English. However, that didn’t stop her from encouraging me to read the book, The Outsiders, even if I didn’t understand the language in it. Today, that book is my all time favorite, and now I have a passion for literature.

Another important role the teachers play is on students’ motivation. As I mentioned in a previous article about the motivation to go to school, students have to search for an incentive to go to school, and the teachers are there to help them. I remember in my sophomore  year when I transferred to Holyoke High, I was nervous and clueless until Ms. Beausoleil and Mr. Gilbert were nice to me since day one. I know that might sound silly. However, with a smile and some attention, it was enough for me to feel like I was home.

As mentioned before students may get annoyed by the teachers getting in the back all the time but what we can’t denied is that the relationship between an student to teachers is very beautiful. All for the fact that student sometime see teachers as role models for  theirs life and teachers seem potencial on them.