Your Grades Do Not Define You


Have you ever paused and thought if the effort that you are putting in at school is worth it?

I am referring to the grades that you receive for your effort. Those letters that everybody looks to in order to determine if you are smart or dumb. However, I think they are meaningless due to the fact that there are people that receive the same grade as you without putting in any effort. I am not talking about a person with a very high IQ; there are people that get the work from others and still get the recognition for that work.

I, personally, don’t judge them to some extent. I have copied somebody else’s homework and received credit for that. The work is comprehensive in case you miss one day of school and you want to make up work. All of this is fine as long you understand the material and know what you are doing.  

I feel there is a problem with the grade system. Like I mentioned before, there is a grade for your work. The teacher doesn’t have proof that the student actually did the assignment. If a student gets somebody else’s work and changes some parts, they still are going to be rewarded for it. Another reason as to why grades are meaningless is that there people that are bad at taking tests, and even if they understand the topic to some extent, it is hard for them to concentrate and use the time productively during the test. I am not a big fan of tests since they just test your short term memory. After I am done with that test, my brain forgets everything related to the exam to make space for the next topic.

All the things that I learn and remember are related to outside of school, like things that I research for myself. As a conclusion, grades should not define you as a student or person. The report cards can show you are struggling in a class, but they can’t show the reason why. That’s why there are teachers that look after you who try to solve the problem as they can.