Traditional Media vs. Digital Media

As time passes, there are more and more innovations in the technological field. We pass from renting DVDs at Blockbuster to just streaming movies on Netflix; from hearing music on tape cassettes and CDs to hearing music on Spotify, Pandora and Apple music. Today’s technology is all about having entertainment in the palm of our hands. But the question is, are all of these innovations really an advantage?

As mentioned before, the digital media brings us to a whole new world of possibility. However, it still has its flaws. For example, you need to be connected online to be able to watch Netflix. The traditional media, like the Blue Ray, doesn’t need internet access, and the gaming consoles can read them. Netflix addressed this by allowing you to download the movies to your devices so you could watch them offline.

Moving on, the gaming industry is changing over time. Now, companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Valve have virtual store where you can “buy your favorite games.” In reality, you don’t own them after the purchase, you only borrow a licence to access to their contents. The website says, “Except as stated in this agreement, all content and software provided through PSN Services are licensed non-exclusively and revocably to you for your personal, private, non-transferable, non-commercial, limited use on a limited number of devices in the country in which your Account is registered” about rented games. All of this is ridiculous since they have the right to take away your property at any time.  

In comparison, when buying the games or any type of media in a physical store, not only do you really own them, but you also can transfer or sell it to another person. The feeling of ownership in your hand when you have something and you collect it is another thing. “I do know that people enjoy reading a comic book and saving it and collecting the comics. And sharing them and trading them with friends. That may be something you can’t do as easily with digital comics,” says Stan Lee.

The future generations will grow with digital media, and even though is improving by the years, I prefer the physical media in some aspects.