The Herald’s Podcast Recommendations

Podcasts: from their humble beginnings in the early 2000’s to the radio toppling titans they are today, there are thousands of quirky, intriguing and fun titles to listen to. From your friends here at The Herald, here are our top picks!

1.”My Favorite Murder” by Karen Killagriff & Georgia Hardstark

Currently one of the top 20 podcasts, “My Favorite Murder” is a comedic analysis of murder stories with surprising insight into mental health. (Listen to it here on Stitcher: or on Apple Podcasts.)


2. “The Penumbra Podcast”  by Sophie Kaner & Kevin Vibert

“The Penumbra” is a bi monthly radio play series, featuring detective sci-fi noirs with intriguing characters, as well as several other smaller projects. The voice acting is outstanding and the story is thrilling. Bonus points for being made my UMASS alums! (Listen here on Stitcher:


3. “The Joe Rogan Experience” by Joe Rogan

There was nothing but high praise for this podcast, created by psychadelic comedian Joe Rogan. The topics discussed are all over the place. From MMA to robotics, we promise you’ll never be bored listening! (Listen here on Stitcher: )

4. “Sawbones” by Justin & Sydnee McElroy

Referred to as “a martial tour of misguided medicine,” Dr. Sydnee Mcelroy and her husband Justin dig into the bizzare history of all sorts of medical practices from leeching to Jilly Juice. Their lovely personalities and passion for the subject make each episode something special. (Listen here on Maximum Fun: )


5. “Through the Wire” by Kenny, Pierre, Mike and Darrick

Are you a fan of the NBA, or maybe just trying to figure out what all the buzz is about? This podcast combines not only all the entertainment of basketball, but all the fun from listening to four childhood friends have a good time together. (Listen here on Podtrail: )


6. “Can I Pet Your Dog?” by Allegra Ringo & Rennee Colvert

This podcast is the epitome of wholesome. Dog owner, Allegra Ringo, and dog wanter, Renee Colvert, talk all things dog; dog news, dog events. Dog wanters and dog havers alike would love to listen to these two lovely hosts! (Listen here on Maximum Fun: )


7. “The Flop House” by Elliot Kalen Stuart Wellington & Dan McCoy

Have you ever seen a movie so bad that you just had to rip it to pieces on the air? That’s basically the premise of “The Flop House.” Emmy winning writers, Elliot Kalen and Dan McCoy, and their childhood friend, Stuart Wellington, watch the worst movies they can find, from The Snowman to Interview with a Vampire. Nothing is safe and nothing is too boring! (Listen here on their website:


8. “Pod Save America” by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer, and Tommy Vietor

Politics are one of the hardest things to talk about in the modern era, but that doesn’t stop these hosts from doing it. One of the most popular podcasts on the market right now, “Pod Save America,” is your ultimate guide to the political climate with a promise of no-bull and an entertaining hour of listening.  (Listen here on Crooked Media: )


9. “Tights and Fights” by Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford, and Mike Eagle

“Tights and Fights” promises a weekly covering of the zany world of WWE from genuine wrestling lovers who promise to “cover all corners of the squared circle.” (Listen her on Maximum Fun: )


10. “Pardon My Take” by Ryan Whitney & Dennis Rodman

Marketed as the most correct sports talk show on the internet, “Pardon my Take” promises daily guests, nonstop sports news, and a guarantee to make you a better person, or you can get your money back! (Listen here on PodcastOne: )