Should Music Stay in the Cafeteria?

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Should Music Stay in the Cafeteria?

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Should music stay in the cafeteria?

Well, there’s two sides to the question about if music should stay in the cafeteria: “yes” it should stay, and “no” it shouldn’t stay.

Everyone in the cafe loves their own taste of music. If music were to stay in the cafeteria, many feel there should be a set of rules to enforce its use. Some people feel like they should have a sheet of paper to write all the recommended music people want. This would also make sure that recommendations are appropriate for everyone to hear – to make sure that every song that’s played is clean and removed of swears. If this is the case, then this would make things fair for everyone because they can listen to any music of their liking. Music is important for people. Sometimes, some of us don’t care, but it’s always good to have music playing around you that you love to listen to, especially during your lunch break.

Music at the cafe pretty much started to keep the holiday spirit going, then it turned out to be more of the kind of music most of us like. If we didn’t have music at the cafe, then there wouldn’t have been a good holiday vibe at lunch. Lunch without music would increase the chance of more people having earbuds on. Some of us love listening to music during our lunch break; it makes some of us feel relaxed. Both of these sides can proven whether it is okay or not to have music played during lunch.

We interviewed a sophomore, Estevan Rodriguez, about what he thinks about the music.  “It’s not chosen right. They should have a survey of kids asking what music they would want during lunch.” We asked him if lunch is better or worse with music: “I’d say better because I’m really into music.” When asked if he prefers earbuds or listening to the music at lunch, he says “I use both.”

Then, we interviewed Raymond Lora Pena, a senior about what he thinks about the music. “In my opinion, it’s alright, but sometimes it can get a little annoying because they play some music that I don’t like personally. It doesn’t bother me much though. I agree that they should make a survey for music that people like.” We asked him if he prefers earbuds to hear music in lunch, and he says, “I prefer both because I love to listen to music with my earbuds, and I also like seeing the cafeteria active when they play music.”

Charlotte Brunette, a junior said, “Music in lunch is pointless because [of] the amount of advertisements that is played after every song… it ruins the mood.”

Overall, the interviews showed that music in lunch can be disturbing to some people and can also be normal to others. So do you still think music in lunch is okay?  

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