Do Students Still Need Libraries?

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Do Students Still Need Libraries?

Yanitza Torres, Staff Reporter

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Most students have the access to all information needed in the palm of their hand. With that being said, why would we have to go to a library to research information when we can just ask Siri? Why would we need so many books if it’s that simple? Some students ask why we need books if everything we do involves our phone, a computer, or some type of technology.  A small selection of students prefer books and going to libraries after school, but it’s very uncommon. Many wonder why are there still libraries.

HHS senior, Shawnesse Thomas, believes libraries are still relevant at this time. She said “libraries are a place where people with less resources can go to study how they need, and have computer and internet access without distractions.”

Another Holyoke High student, Joy Rodriguez, says “libraries aren’t used for anything but pleasurable reading. Libraries are not useful for anyone but people without internet access at home.”

Finally, student Kaysha Rosado says, “libraries are useful in some ways, but mostly useful for access to a safe place to go study or even meet up with friends for projects.”

Libraries have had an important role, generation after generation. They offer free knowledge to anyone who needs it – everyone has had access to libraries no matter what age or what class. But overall, students seem to think the generation of libraries is coming to an end. Some say the city spends too much on libraries but it’s not “updated on the latest information” or “they’re inconvenient.” But this isn’t only a topic the students are talking about; teachers also have an opinion on this.

Holyoke High librarian, Ellen Stein, says, “libraries are still needed today even though the amount of access of technology has changed that.” Ellen, being the only librarian in Holyoke Public Schools, speaks of how “libraries will forever have an importance in society.”  She also states why libraries will always be around, stating “libraries are a place where people come for quietness and to remain focused”. Finally, she says, “libraries will be around for generations to come.”

Libraries have impacted people of all sorts in many different ways but some students think the generation of libraries may have come to in end,and some do not. Some people prefer their phones and some prefer a book.

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