Third Annual Student vs. Faculty Basketball Game


The third annual Holyoke High North Campus Student vs. Faculty basketball game took place Friday, March 15th, and was yet again a success! The seniors of the class of 2019 did not want to let the teachers win for a third year in a row, so there was much tension in the days leading up to the game.

Jordy Figeroa ‘19 along with history teacher, Mr. Bechard, announced the game, on multiple occasions making the crowd laugh.

The seniors’ team consisted of 27 students: Ryan Perry #33, Jaden Recchia #30, Leesandro Colon #12, Mikayla Villegas #1, Memphis Cruz #22, Derek Baez #24, Angel Roman #14, Ethan DeJesus #28, Kenny Williams #29, Joseph Matos #2, Finn Lubold #32, Devin Martinez #11, Haley Rivera #34, Serena Dennis #3, Jonathan Cruz #5, Sergio Saez #9, Jacoby Authier #6, Samantha Tenzcar #4, Juan Cruz #19, Kellen Powers #25, Miguel Torres #31, Kevyn Ortiz #15, Joseph Santiago #2, Kaysha Rosado #16, Nasean Godbolt #13, Tessa Moriarty #0, and Edwin Lopez Cruz #8.

There were 21 faculty members on the court: Linee Perroncel #4, Scott Taupier #16, Matthew Hegarty #13, Zachary Baru #24, Keith Harrison #10, Timothy Dunn #24, Manuel Rivera #0, Juan Maldonado #14, Quentin Donohue #18, Richard Rodriguez #17, Sophia Martins #5, Randall Bessette #9, Mike Athas #15, Christopher Lora #23, Stephen Mahoney #3, Ryan Bowler #22, Luis Robles #2, and PJ Shanahan #19.

The coaches for the students were varsity basketball players: Darius Diaz ‘19, Corey Thomas ‘19,  Jaylen Olivero ‘19, and Jacob Santos ‘19. The teachers were coached by Johnny Velez, a well known member of the behavioral support team in the building, and was refereed by Mr. McAndrew and Deven Rivera ‘19.

The game began with a tip off between Mr. Shanahan and Angel Roman. Students won the ball and Angel was able to score the first points of the game. Former student and current faculty member, Christopher “Domi” Lora, did not let the students keep the lead for long and scored the first basket for the faculty.

After the faculty began gaining momentum, they were able to create a little bit of a lead. Mr. Robles scored the first three pointer of the game and this caused the crowd to go wild. At the end of the first quarter, faculty were winning 16-11.

The second quarter started and was very intense. Mr. Velez was forced to call a time out with 6 minutes and 30 seconds left in the quarter because neither team had scored yet. 30 seconds later, Nasean Godbolt ended the dry spell, scoring the first points of the second quarter. Dr. Mahoney attempted to score for the faculty, but he was blocked by Jaden Recchia.

The faculty didn’t let the students keep the lead for long, and with one minute left in the second quarter, the teachers ran the scoreboard up with Ms. Lafond scoring the second three of the game. Student, Devin Martinez, stole the ball and scored a layup closing the gap. The next play, Devin Martinez scored the first three for students as the buzzer went off ending the first half, 30-20 teachers.

When half time came around, the teachers had a special surprise for the students. Mr. Bechard called Dr. Mahoney and spectator, Khyarah Gaston Feliciano ‘19, to the middle of the basketball court. Mr. Bechard announced that in honor of Pi Day the day before, they were rewarding a student who is exceptional at math. Khyarah was handed a blueberry pie and was able to pie Dr. Mahoney in the face. The students and teachers went wild, all laughing at Dr. Mahoney’s blueberry covered face.

After all laughs subsided, the game was back on. Angel Roman scored the first basket of the second half and then scored another three for students a minute later. Devin Martinez scored his second three of the game and then Ms. Lafond returned fire scoring two threes in a row. The third quarter ended with faculty still ahead by 10 points 46-36.

Devin Martinez started the third quarter scoring 6 points in one minute. 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter, with the teachers yet to score, Angel Roman scored to tie the game 48-48. Mr. Dunn scored and the faculty took the lead again. Officer Rivera drove down the court and scored a lay up. Mr. Bechard screams into the microphone “He can’t be a police officer because he just robbed you!”

The students started to gain a lead, but then Mr. Dunn ties the game with 13 seconds left. Devin Martinez was on fire the entire game and in the last play shot the ball scoring a buzzer beater and giving the students the first win over the teachers with a final score of 58-55 students.

At the end of the game, students ran onto the court congratulating the players and cheering for the class of 2019. When interviewed at the end of the game, Dr. Mahoney laughed and said, “the class of 2019 truly does reign supreme.“ With the teachers winning streak finally ended, students in the younger classes are excited about getting their chance to take the court. The student vs. faculty basketball game was a great success, and the class of 2020 is already warming up for next year!