Places to go in Holyoke: Spring Edition


Spring is just around the corner, and after blizzards and very cold days, it seems that the weather will improve. Although, sometimes, the weather in Massachusetts can’t make up its mind. It’s hot for a moment and then cold… but not actually cold, and then suddenly it gets humid. Spring is a good moment to go outside and take in the fresh air. That is, unless you have allergies during this time of the year.

On a sunny day, you could go outside and have a picnic. A perfect place for that is the Pulaski park, also known as the skate park. It has a huge open space with plenty of shade to sit under the trees. On a windy day, you could fly a kite there or in the Springdale Park as well.

If you decide to have a picnic, you could bring “sandwichitos de mezcla.” They are very tasty and very easy to make. You’ll need water to keep yourself hydrated and a blanket to be comfy while you’re there. Another aspect of this park that I recommend is the view of the Connecticut river. You can see the South Hadley public library alongside a waterfall.

After a day in a park, you’ll probably end up starving if you didn’t bring those sandwiches for your picnic. A very good place to eat is Kennedy Fried Chicken, which is near the park and pretty affordable. For only $4.75 you can get three pieces of chicken, a roll, and mashed potatoes (the price may increase depending of what type of chicken you get). As for the quality of the food, it’s pretty good. The moment you enter to the restaurant you can smell the chicken fresh out of the fryer.

Another nice thing to do is hike Mount Tom. It’s a nice experience just getting to the top and admiring the horizon. And if you don’t like outdoors activities, Netflix has good shows this Spring. “The Umbrella Academy” is an amazing show. The series is an adaptation from the comic books. The show is about a dysfunctional family with supernatural powers who work together to avoid the apocalypse.

The Spring is a season of rebirth. It’s a time to be one with yourself. It’s also the warm up before summer.