College Athletes of the Class of 2019


The class of 2019 has accomplished many things this year, especially in athletics. Some 45 percent of Holyoke High senior athletes have been recruited to play their sport at the college level in the fall – a big number considering the NCAA says only 7 percent of all high school athletes go on to play their sport in college. Fred Bastie, the owner and founder of Wrote in USA Today late last year, saying “In addition to a college degree, the experience of participating in intercollegiate athletics teaches lessons that are invaluable, prepares the student-athlete for the working world, and establishes relationships that last a lifetime”

Out of the HHS Class in 2019

  • 19 seniors are going on to play sports at the college level.
  • Out of the 19 athletes, 10 have made all Western Mass/All League honors.
  • Out of the 19, 7 student signed letters of intent to plays at the division two level.

Samari Kidd who will be going to American International College (AIC) is going on to play Tennis and major in Nursing. She was inspired to play in college because of the team bond she formed in high school and her “coach pushing her to reach her full potential.” Samari anticipates the college experience will be more competitive and she is preparing by “staying focused and setting goals for herself that she will be able to reach.”

Corey Thomas will be playing Football at AIC and majoring in Human Biology. His inspiration to play at the next level, is from his coaches. Thomas says “They pushed me to be the best I can be. This made me love the game even more and made me want to compete at the next level.”

When asked about how it feels to be apart of such an athletic class. Thomas says “ It’s pretty exciting to be a part of a class that big.” Thomas is preparing for college athletics by working out to be in top shape for his competition.

The influx of HHS Athletes into the NCAA is also an accomplishment for Holyoke High Athletic Director Melanie Martin. While she does not keep statistics on students playing college sports, Martin says she can only recall a class this big, “from the 90’s.” Martin wants to keep the athletic momentum going by continuing to hype multi-sport signings in the gym or auditorium as a way to draw more interest from others.

“With the 2019 class we are on the right track, by hiring the right coaches, promoting the right leadership and promoting programs,” says Martin

2019 Student Athletes: Corey Thomas – AIC, Matthew Seymour – Mass Maritime, Joseph Dumoulin – UNE, Kenrick Williams – Mass Maritime, Finn Lubold – Franklin Pierce, Bridget Healy – Wheaton, Jacoby Authier – AIC, Skylynn Gonzalez – HCC, Gabi McClain – HCC, Mary Glasheen – HCC, Jacob Santos – AIC, Darius Diaz – Undecided, Leesandro Colon – Undecided, Ryan Perry – Elms, Serena Dennis – Anna Maria, Samari Kidd – AIC, Tyler Guertin –  WPI, Adamaris Torres – HCC, and Tyshaun Diaz – Southern Connecticut