Shattered Sight


Nyari Garrett, Staff Writer

As human beings we have lived in a reality of poisonous souls that  live among many whose souls are of poison, who do everything in their power to put those who are being their authentic selves into their demise disagree with their worldview in a lower position. Surviving in this world is already a battle of downfalls versus triumphs struggle for some so why put people in despair in order to express our beliefs about “righteous living”. The LGBTQ+ community is hanging by a thread of suffering from the corrupt tendencies of our President Donald Trump. He views our community as people that are looking into a mirror of the devious principles of survival. People shouldn’t be excluded from society, schools, jobs for being who they are and Trump has made sure that people who are different are beneath he the “ordinary”. He brought his vile true morals to the surface by saying he would be a “real friend to gay lesbian, and transgender Americans”, this reveals that he’s mutilating people’s quality of life and sending them into eternal grief but often fails to do so. We are now on a journey that can lead to redemption of our freedom or an existence of broken tranquility to fight for our rights, and against those who wish to impede upon them.


Fear controls our inner selves to be hidden in the shadows of expression is often utilized to keep our true selves hidden, and if we try to grasp it our hearts could be shattered by discrimation and even death we hide who we truly are in order to fit into today’s society, whether this be right or wrong.The homicides and hate crimes of people who are in the LGBTQ+ community has doubled since 2016 and continues to skyrocket everyday, this is a gruesome and horrifying statistic. On january 2019 Some even share their indiviual stuggles, such as, transgender student Keloni Grand at Melrose High School in Memphis , Tennesee. She has reported that she has not only been targeted for her gender identity, but a group of boys have threatened to beat and kill her. The school has done nothing to protect her from these boys and she is considering transferring to a new school where her life won’t be in danger has even considered transferring in order to feel safe at school. The flame of destruction hasn’t been suppressed, it grows stronger as the urge to eliminate is given the fuel of a justice of purging the world of evil. We can still see the persecution of members of the LGBTQ+ today. 18 year old Devon Robinson has been charged with the deaths of killed Alunte Davis, Timothy Davis (2 gay men) and Paris Cameron (a trannsgender woman). The flame of destruction hasn’t been suppressed, it only grows stronger as the LGBTQ+ grows and becomes larger and more prominent. Those in power often want to return to uniformity, and eliminate those different from them, and in turn create a world of hate and bigotry. I hope we can see more reform that defends the LGBTQ+ community in the future, as our administration is currently failing to provide them with adequate support.