The Evils of Vaping

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The Evils of Vaping

Alexis Welch, Staff Writer

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In Public Schools, we have a problem with teens vaping in and outside of school. Some people don’t really think about what vaping can do to you, and some people think it’s better than cigarettes. This is not entirely true since vape still contains nicotine just like cigarettes. Once the nicotine gets into your bloodstream, your lungs, it can raise your blood pressure. It can also lead to heart attacks and many more long term illnesses.

 Many people believe only cigarettes contain nicotine, that’s not true, the difference is that vapes are made out of water, flavoring and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin base or sometimes a mixture of PG and VG. 

The nicotine in vaping is a toxic substance it can lead to cancer and also the chemicals in the vapes is lead and other heavy metals. Side effects for vaping include dry mouth, dizziness, dry skin, itchiness, nosebleed and many more.

If you vape you may even end up in the hospital, 377 vaping-related illnesses have been recorded, and 2 people already died. Many have experienced chills, shortness of breath, and vomiting. Healthy people can be hospitalized exclusively for vaping if the effects become too pronounced. Some pods carry lipoid pneumonia. The oil in vape can get into your lungs and damage them, when some vape they get so sick that they have to be put on ventilators because their lungs are too weak to function on their own.

Vaping devices are not used exclusively by people trying to quit smoking, they have become an outlet for much of the youth to ingest dangerous amounts of nicotine, nicotine can affect brain development and function in young people since their brains are still in development. Nicotine is addictive, the more kids vape the more they will desire the substance, and find other means to obtain it to get that “head buzz”. The flavoring in the vape makes consumption even more desirable.


Here’s what a junior from holyoke high says “ I disapprove of vaping when it contains nicotine not all vapes have it but most do”


So I asked him if he thinks its bad for teens/kids to do vaping and here’s his response


“Yes it’s absolutely terrible there have been many cases of teens ruining their lungs 1 case has been so extreme where the teen had the lungs of a 70 year old”.