Holyoke Day comes to the Big E

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Holyoke Day comes to the Big E

Alexis Welch, Staff Writer

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On Wednesday Holyoke High participated in “Holyoke Day” at the Big E. Students received yellow tickets for free entrance to the Big E, and were able to participate in the fair without paying the price of admission. When I went to the Big E with my mom, dad, and niece, it was so big; we didn’t even get the chance to see everything, I know that many have to go two seperate days to see everything. Located in West Springfield, there are rides for people of all ages, food for people of all tastes, and games for people of all skill sets.
There’s also the state buildings; five buildings you can go into and dive into the culture of the respective state, these include Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The Maine house had some local food from Maine, and the Rhode Island house had a stand for all types of fish you can eat. For the children, there are various games and petting areas to participate in as adults as young adults venture the park.
I interviewed two people from Holyoke High School, band member Anthony Soto and cheerleader Melanie, both are seniors at Holyoke High. I asked them how they enjoyed the fair and these were their responses.
I asked melanie how she liked the Big E and what her role was,
“Well I personally love the big E the vibes were amazing and the food was even better. We got to go play some fun games and even go on the Mcdonalds slide:”, the cheer group stayed at the Big E from 12:30 to 5:00.
When I asked Anthony how he enjoyed the Big E he said that it was a blast.
“I went on a few rides, had some fried oreos, some bacon cheddar ranch fries. It was pretty lit”
Although the Big E is over now, it was a phenomenal experience that I will certainly be taking part in again in the years to come.