Six Flags: Fright Fest

Alexis Welch

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Six Flag Fright Fest

This fall, Six Flags New England is yet again holding their annual Fright Fest from September 21 – October 27. The festival is rather family friendly during the day, but the more traditional Halloween tricks and scares start after 6 pm. This year, the Snickers-sponsored event is doing the “Fright Fest coffin challenge”, where 6 participants are challenged to spend 30 hours from October 12th to the 13th in the park. The contest is located in the clown-filled Carnival Section, so don’t attend if you’re afraid of them! This year they will be ramping up the scare with a “Dare Wheel”. Contestants will be required to complete random challenges spun on the wheel throughout the 30 hours. For the 2019 contest there can only be ONE remaining coffin challenge champion. If there are multiple remaining participants, one will be named champion if they can eat three extremely hot chicken wings the fastest. To join however, you must be 18 years or older. Apart from the coffin challenge, there are many more fun activities anyone can participate in at the park.
Six Flags has done the Fright Fest for many years, but its history is much deeper than this Halloween fun. The theme park is called Six Flags to commemorate the six nations whose flags flew over the state of Texas, where the park originated. To attend Fright Fest, you must have a season or day pass so that you may enter the park.

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