The Hat Policy


Andrew Valle, Media Editor

This debate that had been going for years within schools across the country. The debate on whether or not students should be able to wear hats, bandanas, hoodies, etc during school hours. For as long as I can remember personally the students have always been pushing for the ability to wear any sort of headwear. Teachers and other staff had always been diverse for those who want or don’t want a change to the hat policy. But finally in the school year of 2019 – 2020 we have a change to the policy. I had actually sat down in the meeting in which students and faculty discussed about this. And surprisingly we quickly came to an agreement of what should be done. We all knew that whatever we are wearing shouldn’t cover your face. Obviously for security reasons. Meaning the only thing that is still not allowed is hoodies since they do sometimes cover the face. Hoodies also cover the back and sides of someone’s head which is also a security issue. If there would be an intruder in the area and we can not tell who you are because of the hoodie, then authority will take action to keep everyone safe. Another item still not allowed are bandanas. The reason why is a little more complicated. It is almost obvious it due to the rise of gang activity in Holyoke and surrounding areas. If someone is wearing a red bandana, staff simply can not tell if you’re wearing it for the style or if it represents something more dangerous. Yes I personally feel that there are some ways to get around this. I’m not going to say how. But it’s for everyone’s safety overall. Especially for the individual wearing it, who may or may not know what it represents to others. One oddball item from everything we discussed was brimmed hats. It was a plan to allow students to wear brimmed hats we just didn’t know how the rule should go. We had to consider that some brim hats cover the face while most don’t. Dr. mahoney was the one who came up with the idea that we should allow brim hats to be worn backwards. So students can still wear their favorite headwear without violating any of the school’s policies. And with all that the improvement was set stone. And later that day the hat policy was finally changed. Now students can be more comfortable walking through the hallways wearing what they want without any punishments.