How We Can Change the School Food Ecosystem


Nyari Garrett and Iliana Alvarez, Staff Writer/Digital Editor

While Sodexo has offered many healthy options for breakfast in the classrooms, the food choices students are choosing are still lacking nutritional value. Students are offered healthy choices such as fruits and bagels, but often only take sugary foods such as cereals, cereal bars, and juice boxes. 


For example, students are offered nutritious foods such as fruits, parfaits, string cheese, breakfast sandwiches with eggs in them and other nutritious content in them. We’re also offered unhealthy foods such as cereal, cereal bars, juice boxes with a lot of sugar in them. Cereal is not always nutritious because it has a lot of sodium and sugar in it. Cereal bars are not nutritious because they have unhealthy fat and a lot of sugar. Lastly, juice boxes are not nutritious for you because of the high sugar content and they lack in vitamins.  


In order for students to have a more productive day at school having a nutritious breakfast to start off the day is very essential. Although, the food choices need to be things that people will want to eat. Some healthy options that have good flavor are almond flour banana muffins, almond flour banana bread, egg muffins with tomatoes and blueberry breakfast smoothies.  These recipes are options that students can enjoy and taste good so students won’t think they are not appetizing. We must speak up for what we need in our school, if we stay silent and do not recommend other options, nothing will change.