Roundtable With Dr. Mahoney: Getting Personal With Our Executive Principal

The Herald News Department Staff

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The Herald’s Roundtable with Dr. Mahoney is a student-lead look into our school every two weeks with our Executive Principal, Dr. Mahoney.  The Herald will be posting a new Roundtable twice a month right here on, giving all students a closer look into everything happening on both the Dean and North Campuses of Holyoke High School.  As The Herald continues to add more digital content, look out for our new Roundtable Video Podcast, streaming on the Herald’s YouTube Channel in November 2019!


The basis of  this conversation consisted of a many areas, some regarding opportunities for students on campus, but we also got personal with our leader and all of the hard work behind the scenes to run our school.


How can we push more student involvement?


Dr. Mahoney was interested in track sports, and in his senior year the spring musical.  He believes that you always want to find a way to contribute wherever you go. Dr. Mahoney suggests to find a team, commit, and do it really well.


The possibility of a sports and clubs fair:


Dr. Mahoney is always trying to allow and promote students to be involved with their school.  He believes everyone wants understanding in recognition, especially in their work. To further address this, an extra curricular fair is a possibility.


Question: People become generally comfortable with themselves when they are working with a team.  Does working in a team really bring out the best qualities in a person?


Dr. Mahoney mentioned that many sports’ participation has risen, a few include volleyball, cheerleading and football.  


Question:  What qualities are you looking for when you hire staff for our school?

Dr. Mahoney is looking to hire people who are involved in student life.  He believes there’s a connection and correlation between student-teacher connection.


Question: How can we build even more involvement in youth power groups, such as Pa’lante and Student government?”


Students are very busy, and finding the time to do it can be a challenge.  The Culture Team is designed to aid in student involvement. Domi is helping to work with the school to leadership pipeline.  Between Pa’lante, student council, and class officers, students are constantly invovled at Holyoke High.


Question: How can reduce plastic usage within our school?


Dr. Mahoney discussed the new water fountains that have been installed at Holyoke High, promoting everyone to reduce and reuse plastic bottles.


The Herald staff would like to thank Dr. Mahoney for approaching the digital paper about starting the Roundtable every two weeks.  Look out for more editions of the Roundtable With Dr. Mahoney, including our new Roundtable Video Podcast, streaming on the Herald’s YouTube Channel in November 2019!