Useful things that should be taught in schools


Iliana Alvarez, Staff Writer

Schools are hallmarked as centers for learning and education, but I believe that they fail to provide students with crucial knowledge central to everyday modern life. First of all, I would like to start off talking about how schools should give students a better understanding on how to do taxes. Taxes are confusing enough for people who do them every year, and a lot of adults are already confused enough on where/how to start them. Some online programs can make paying your taxes a lot more simple, but I feel that a core and independent understanding of how to do them yourself is important to adult life. Having your own understanding would also enable many to save money by not having to pay others to do their taxes. Education on financial literacy as a whole could prove invaluable to any student, as we all must deal with our money at some point in our lives.

. Although most schools offer basic physical fitness courses, really knowing how to take care of your body takes a lot more than just running laps around a field or on a treadmill. A healthy lifestyle consists not only of exercising regularly at home or the gym, but also of eating healthy foods, and having a healthy amount of positive social interactions. Holding conversation is a crucial social skill, and needs to be taught to the youth of today, especially with the advent of technology that limits our social interactions. Holding conversations can be difficult for many because of stress, anxiety, and general awkwardness in public. The ability to maintain a formal and intelligent conversation with people is not only required in everyday life, but is essential in educational, political, and professional roles. 

The ability to treat a wound or provide aid to an injured person can be invaluable and in some cases can even save lives, but public schools never seem to teach us these essential medical skills. Simple procedures, such as cleaning and dressing an injury can be picked up by most people fairly quickly, but are often never taught. This also goes for life-saving procedures, such as the usage of CPR or AED. These certifications are easy to earn, and it would be amazing if their respective courses could be mandated throughout public schools.