Electronic Usage


Noeliz Torres, Staff Writer

Are we as humans, making cell phones control our lives? As I become older, cell phones have been up to date and dangerously addictive. From burner/flip phones having at least one camera on the back and front, to having 3 cameras on the back of the newest iPhone. Over 3 hundred million people in the United States are using smartphones.  Most people check their phones on a daily basis and every hour of the day.  Some will say they will have an anxiety attack if their phone was lost and cannot be replaced.

Studies show that kids with daily usage of electronics like smartphones, tablets, and televisions lowers their learning skills, ruins eyesight and become inactive. Kids should be enjoying the sun or climate changes, not stuck in their house on tablets learning what social media is. Did you know children can develop Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS). It’s a Syndrome that causes children to have issues with mood, focus, sleep, and behavior as they get older and more attached to the screens. Kids 8 to 18 on average spend up to 7 hours a day. The recommended time for kids is 2 hours a day and for toddlers ages 2 to 5 is 1 hour a day.

I think that as a society, we need to limit the amount of screen time we have, and this especially applies to our children. We can’t become reliant on technology, it limits our social interactions and prevents us from being productive.