Luigi’s Mansion 3: Inside Look


Isaac Aponte, Podcast Editor

So now that Spook-Month (AKA October) is over, a ton of brand new games and ports came to the Nintendo Switch. But to me, I was most excited for the game that actually came out on Halloween day, that game being Luigi’s Mansion 3. If you’ve never heard of the Luigi’s Mansion series, it’s a series of games where Mario’s younger twin brother, Luigi, has to save Mario from a spooky mansion over run by ghosts. To do this, Luigi gets help from Professor E Gadd, a retired ghost hunter who gives Luigi the tools to capture rogue ghosts, and free his brother from the evil King Boo. This article is for those who wanted to learn about the newest addition to the series. I won’t be going over specific details of the plot except for what we know from the trailer, and some neat gameplay features. With that all out the way, let’s get to what you should know about Luigi’s Mansion 3.


Starting right off the bat, we know that this game takes place in a huge hotel that Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, and 3 Toads were invited too. Luigi at this time, has a new adorable companion called Polterpup, a little ghost dog he met in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. You actually get to play as Luigi as you walk around the beautiful hotel lobby. There’s food, balloons, confetti, and there’s even portraits of Luigi and his friends. After your satisfied looking around the first floor, you check into the hotel and at this point you learn that the hotel your staying at is called, “The Last Resort”. Soon after you check in, the hotel owner herself, Hellen Gravely welcomes you to the hotel, saying that you’ll remember this trip for the rest of your lives. 


During their first night staying in the hotel, Luigi hears someone scream and wakes up in fright. He then goes outside in the hallway to investigate and to his horror, he finds out that the totally suspicious hotel is actually a trap made by none other than King Boo! Yeah if you’ve played the other two games, you would see this coming. Anyways, King Boo captures Luigi’s friends and puts them into paintings yet again. Luigi runs and escapes through a laundry chute, and you end up in the basement floor. You make your way through the spooky floor and eventually reach an indoor parking lot. There Polterpup leads you to a red car, where inside there’s a brand new version of the Poltergust. This is where the game truly begins. 


You have an adorable little tutorial with Polterpup, that shows you how to use the various features of the Poltergust. After learning how to use the Poltergust you make your way back up to the first floor through a staircase. Once you get up back towards the lobby you see that it has changed from a nice, clean, and presentable lobby to a much more darker themed one. You walk towards the main entrance to see the exit closed off, and that the portraits of Luigi and his friends now all have red Xs over them. A couple ghosts spot you and you have to take them out. Thankfully you have a new move to make this easier, you can slam ghosts your sucking up on the ground, or even on other ghosts to lower their health, making it easier to capture them.


After you clear out the first floor you head up to the second one, where Polterpup guides you to a room. And to Luigi’s horror Professor E Gadd, the ghost researcher that helped you in the last two games, is trapped in a painting just like Luigi’s other friends. To set him free, you need to look around the rest of the second floor, for an upgrade returning from Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, the Dark Light Device. After capturing a couple more ghost, you head back to the room where E Gadd’s portrait is, and by using the Dark Light Device, you release him from the painting. He tells you how he was tricked into coming to this place, and that to help Luigi’s friends, your gonna have to travel through all 17 floors of the hotel and take down King Boo once again. You escort E Gadd down to the parking lot, beat your very first boss ghost, and get on your way to save you friends. 


Now I’d say what happens next, but it think I said enough about the game. After this point you start making your way to the next floors, capturing normal, rare, and boss ghosts all alike. Each floor has a unique theme to it, with 1 or 2 boss ghosts that resides there. I’d love to talk in detail about each of these floors but why don’t you find out for yourself? Luigi’s Mansion 3 is $60, and can be found digitally in the Nintendo E-Shop, or could be found physically in your local Game Stop. While the hype for this game may have died down by the time this article is uploaded, it’s still an amazing game nonetheless. If you’ve played the first two games, or just want to give this series a try, I highly recommend you giving this game a chance.