Holyoke High School Pep Rally 


Jack Shea, Editor-in-Chief

On November 26, 2019 Holyoke High School School hosted their annual pep rally. This year, the pep rally was a huge success and a blast. This success can be attributed to various performances by students and staff. This includes the senior skit, which just returned after a year long hiatus, and a wonderful performance by the Holyoke cheerleaders. Most importantly of all was the bringing together of the two Holyoke High campuses, which really demonstrates the unity that exists between both locations.

I thought that the senior skit was the highlight of the day, it was really funny and had some great performances by some dedicated students. The skit saw some old teachers return as student played characters, I thought it was amazing that we got to see some old staff remembered in one of the greatest days of the Holyoke High school year. Seniors seem to have fun every year imitating their favorite Holyoke High Teachers. Senior skit always seems to be the main act of pep rally, and nothing has ever shown to replace the age old tradition.
Our cheerleading team, a mixture of students from both Holyoke High North and Holyoke high Dean campus, put together an amazing show and really demonstrated the capabilities of Holyoke High athletes. Congratulations to Holyoke High for putting on such a great show.