Vaping in Schools


Alexis Welch, Staff Writer

As we all know, vaping has become a major issue affecting people of all ages, but especially those of the younger generation. Vaping has been marketed to the youth as something new and cool, something harmless that not only gives you enjoyment but improves your self image. Initially, consumers were never warned of the dangers of vaping, believing it to be a completely safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. A popular marketing tactic was to show young, good looking, and even famous people vaping to lure consumers in.

With this being the case, it became very appealing to a younger audience rather than the older audience the products should really apply to. This lead to teenagers across America purchasing these vaporizers and inevitably becoming addicted to the nicotine within them, it is shocking how early these kids have built a costly and dangerous habit. The issue has evolved into an epidemic that is becoming apparent only now, and was possible only by the manipulation of large corporations such as JUUL.

I am currently a senior attending a high school in Massachusetts. I have seen the vaping epidemic first hand. Many of my peers regularly skip class to vape and have even offered me to do so, I think this shows that the issue is a lot bigger than we originally thought. Statistics already show the damage that vaping has done, but I think that the social impact these products have inflicted demonstrates more. Not all hope is lost though, there are many ways we can stop vaping among our youth.

The bans that have been implemented work, and stricter rules, regulations, and consequences in school will deter the practice within the building. Unfortunately, the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, but for now there are many ways to stop young kids from jumping on the toxic vape train.  For right now, we need to begin following through on the steps to make that happen, if not the trend is going to gain more traction and create even more problems.