Christmas Around the Globe


Alexis Valle & Noeliz Torres, Staff Writer

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the holiday season has begun. With families spending time with each other at big dinners or on vacation to somewhere nicer. We all have that special tradition we do with our families that make this time of year all that more special. And the traditions are different throughout the entire world. Some you may never heard of. So let us take you on a trip around the world to see how everyone else celebrates their holiday.

To start off the Giant Lantern Festival takes place in the Philippines. Directly in San Fernando, also known as the Christmas Capital, the festival has attracted people all over the country and all over the globe. Eleven barangays (villages) take place in the festival in a competition like event to see who can make the best lantern. The tradition has originally started off with lanterns with a mere half a meter in diameter. But now have grown in size to a whopping six meters in diameter!

Not all traditions are so upbeat and jolly as you might have thought. In the country of Austria they celebrate the other side of Christmas. Or more of the other half of our good ole’ Saint Nick. They focus in on Krampus, or the punishment of children being on the naughty list. In many towns in Austria they hold many parades with young men dressed up as the demonic figure draped in torn cloth dragging bells. Frightening all the children attending. Definitely one you might want to reconsider bringing your kids too.

Now, possibly weirdest Christmas I have personally found. Throughout Japan, they don’t have many large festivals or celebrations for the holidays. Just lights strung up throughout the streets as per usual in most places. But recently they have picked up on a new tradition that few celebrate. People are now buying Kentucky Fried Chicken to have for dinner to celebrate the holidays. Since 1974 KFC had labeled there menu as a Christmas meal with exclusive menu items dedicated toward the time. Now with a spike in popularity more people are beginning to chow down on the favorite source of chicken.

Now you have learned some new traditions that other people celebrate! Hopefully this has sparked some interest in traveling to new places. And to experience new things! Try something new and have a happy holiday!