“Wear Orange Day” to be held Thursday across HPS

Herald Staff

Holyoke Public Schools will make Thursday “Wear Orange Day” throughout the city’s schools to help raise awareness of the anti-gun movement in Holyoke.


HPS has already begun the effort to “stand up against the gun violence that is impacting our community”, and “Wear Orange Day” is a chance for HPS to take a stance on an issue that impacts the entire Holyoke Community.  HPS is asking everyone to “wear orange across our schools to fight for a future in Holyoke without gun violence.”


HPS has also asked the community to share a photo of yourself wearing orange on social media and to tag “@hpsholyoke on Twitter, and @holyokepublicschools on Facebook so it can be shared.


HPS will be holding the district-wide event in all schools Kindergarten through 12th Grade.  “Wear Orange Day” is a great opportunity to bring not only the city together, but also all of the students of Holyoke Public Schools, to spread awareness to keep all students in Holyoke safe.