The balancing act: the struggle of a student balancing school and personal life


Ili Alvarez, Digital Editor

Students have many responsibilities throughout the school year. They must balance their school work, work at their employer and their social lives and even their own social lives. These days it’s hard for young teens to balance work and school work sometimes since most of them barely have time for themselves since their so caught up with taking college courses, working and school as it is. It’s not always easy balancing work and school but if you work really hard and believe in yourself, you can set your mind to do just about anything. Being a student requires a lot of hard work and focus on each one of your classes especially when challenges are thrown at you. As a person who suffers from anxiety, it’s not always easy coping with it in school or talking to people during school. Sometimes my speech becomes impaired because of how anxious I am feeling around a lot of people. How I cope with my anxiety in school is by using my phone and getting lost in my own little world when I’m walking in the halls or when I’m in class. The people I’m friends with at school help me cope because they’re there for me and they make me feel less anxious since they’re the only people I feel my best with. There are many ways for students to balance their anxiety in school. Many students seek counseling services at school, such as SSR, the teen clinic, palante, and solo adjustment counselors. We have to stick together in these situations when you’re seeking help from others. It’s important to make students who are feeling like they are alone and don’t belong feel like they are worthy and welcomed by others with open arms.