Australian Wildfires


Andy Valle, Staff Writer


There is currently a very serious issue going on in the opposite side of the world. There is an extremely large wildfire that’s not just burning down houses, but is burning down 

an entire continent. Australia has been in a very harsh drought as early as November of 2019 and is currently still going on today in January of 2020. With the first of many fires starting in the area of Ravensbourne, burning twenty thousand acres. But now it has spread, nearly taking over the entirety of Australia, with conditions becoming nearly unlivable and animals quickly going. The continent is in its worst state that it has been in for a while.

All of the firefighters have been put into action in an attempt to control the fires, with many other firefighters from all over the world now traveling to assist the brave in trying to stop these fires. Civilians are helping one another now in sharing resources and attempting to save any animal that is in dire need from these fires. Celebrities are donating large sums of money to the firefighters and other charities to assist as much as possible. Even with all the extra help it still proves very difficult to contain the raging fires.

Every little bit counts. So please if you can do your part and donate to various charities to help Australia in this time of need. They would greatly appreciate any support they can get.