How to Get Into a College of Your Choice


Joshua Velez, Sports Editor

College admissions carefully look over your high school grades, courses, test scores, essays, activities, recommendations, and your interviews if required. You could have very high chances of getting into many colleges of your choice. But in order to do that you need to break everything down that you’ve done or are currently studying or working on now to make those choices possible. One thing that is obvious and helps most of us get noticed by big universities is our grades. Getting the best possible grades you can during all four years of high school can help a lot knowing they are extremely important and define your overall as a student. Another thing that gives us a great variety of choices is taking academically challenging classes throughout all four of your years in high school.

Carrying as many challenging courses you can handle like college prep or any (AP) and honors classes can really boost up your variety of choices for college. Ask your teacher for a great letter of recommendation. Most teachers are required to write a letter of recommendation if asked. By asking, you give them a way out if the letter would be enthusiastic, but if they do hesitate just ask them for suggestions for other teachers who can write you an enthusiastic letter. This helps a lot especially if you have done great in your four years of high school because not only did you get solid grades for all four of your years but now you have a letter recommendation that can give you a high chance of getting into a college of your choice.

These are some very effective tips in getting you into a very good college and not only that but a college of your choice. If you really want to achieve all of this than it is better to set goals for yourself and keep yourself focused, it is also great to keep up some great motivation and the mentality of studying whenever you have free time. It could be complex at first but just remember if you start off strong at first than you can make many possibilities for yourself in the end.