Puerto Rican Aid From Holyoke


Noeliz Torres, Staff Writer

There are many families in need out in Puerto Rico because of the horrific earthquakes and aftershocks. Our community all over Holyoke, is willing to lend a helping hand and save them from the danger that the earthquakes has put them through. Kids from PR have been getting enrolled to our schools. We do not know how many are coming or when.

Some of these survivors managed to get transportation and is currently living with relatives. Luckily, centers have been preparing for PR residents. Holyoke is an uncommon area, so to have an opportunity like this to help families from such a dangerous environment it makes us look great and gets us focused on how to help other communities all around. December 28, 2019 is when puerto rico got hit bad with an earthquake and hasn’t stopped with aftershocks. We are about to hit a month of these nonstop quakes happening. I think communities around PR and residents in PR should try everything in their power to leave and find other shelters.

All buildings and grounds have been damaged or crumbled like in the pictures that are shown. Many families with no home and probably running low on supplies. I’ve seen pictures of construction workers there rebuild and fix the buildings that have been affected by this earthquake.