Holyoke High Recycles


Daishiana Pedrosa, Staff Writer

While Holyoke High School tries to recycle as much as possible, we sometimes have a hard time.  I believe it is harder to maintain a recycling plan because some people don’t actually recycle. They also can not keep up with putting things in the right spot. Another reason recycling is hard here is because there are no recycling bins in easy access places. If there is a trash can but no recycling bin students in Holyoke High will prefer to just throw items they can recycle, away in the trash. Students don’t really believe in recycling because they often don’t do it at home.

Why do people throw away items we can recycle?  Holyoke High School recycles paper, but you can recycle more than paper.  You can also recycle plastic, aluminum, steel, tin, glass, and cardboard/paperboard. We barely have any recycling bins throughout the hallways and/or the cafeteria. If you’re not used to recycling at home, your not going to automatically think to recycle and that’s part of the issue we have.

To solve the recycling issue in Holyoke High School we should take a survey and see how many people really recycle. We can find out why people don’t recycle and find out what can we do to help. My opinion we should have more recycling bins around the school so everyone can have easy access. This helps out so there is really no excuse to throw items we recycle into the trash bin.