Holyoke High School Dean Campus Culinary Arts program “Thursday Thrills” offering students experience, while providing meals in the community


Alexa Moran, Social Media Manager

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has caused a serious decline in people not having access to the best foods for their families. Holyoke High School Dean Campus has taken the initiative in using their skills to begin making meals throughout the day in which both students and adults can purchase with very low and affordable prices. 

The Culinary Arts program on the Dean Campus of HHS has done an amazing job at creating these delicious delicacies. Calling it “Thursday Thrills” created by students of the campus, the recent menu consisted of pickled veggies, grilled chicken, chili, empanadas, among others. These services are running from Monday through Thursday from 12 noon until 2:30 p.m., while still maintaining the health protocols to remain safe and healthy during these difficult times.

Dean has provided so many different options for students to choose from that has caused them to really enjoy this arrangement and want to keep coming for more. One student stating” I am not in culinary anymore but when I used to be, preparing and serving for the teachers was the best part about being in culinary. Everything was always so good and if we were serving things that we have not tried before it was always fun learning how to make the dishes from scratch and then trying them at the end”.

This really shows how the program provides students to seek more and experience new things. To create new things that they may be unsure of, but then lead to an outcome. 

Personally, I think Dean has done an amazing job at making these foods but more importantly to serve the public. It is a really good way to get students involved in bettering the community and being confident in the kitchen.  Continuing to give students this guidance can really lead them to great pathways in their future.